Securely cleans and professionally deletes all the following...

Windows Files Including:
Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL:
Netscape 4, 6, 7 and Mozilla:
  • Temporary typed URLs, index files, cache, and history
  • Cookies
More included utilities
  • Secure free space. Securely clean spare and hidden data areas on your drives.
  • Deleted Email. Make sure your deleted email messages cannot be recovered again.
  • Securely Delete Files and Folders
  • Windows Startup Manager. Manage the list of programs that start up automatically.
  • Random Password Generator
  • Internet Explorer Title and Start Page
  • Internet Explorer AutoScan List
  • Internet Explorer Paths
Evidence Washer also...
  • Works with 98, 2000, NT and XP
  • Conforms to multiple standards, including DoD 5200.28, DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, German Standard, Russian Standard and more.
  • Improves your Internet surfing speeds
  • Improves the speed of your computer system
  • Recovers and maximizes hard drive space

Screen Shots


As you can see, Evidence Washer has as many features as $150 evidence removal programs. We do not like overpriced programs and feel $39.95 price is fair for the amount of features. Hurry! This is a limited time offer.

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Did you know...

  1. All the sites you visit and images you see are stored in your computer.
  2. Every Picture that you have ever viewed, sent or received over the Internet or E-mail is stored on your hard drive.
  3. There is a record and most likely a copy of every program you have ever downloaded or used on your hard drive.
  4. Deleting Cache and History will not protect you, Windows saves all data on index.dat within your computers Registry.
  5. The windows "delete" button and the "empty recycle bin" option does NOT DELETE your files. Any software recovery tool can recover all of it.

As a result anyone can find out what you have been doing on the Internet!
All this data also takes up Valuable disk space on your computer that slows your system down.

Evidence Washer will clean your:

  1. Cache (images you have looked at are stored here)
  2. Cookies (save the ones you want to keep) Site placing intrusive tracking cookies on your computer, many times these cookies are from sites you've visited in your own privacy.
  3. History (this feature on your computer saves all previous sites you've visited, anyone can click on this feature and immediately find out all the sites you've visited).
  4. Drop Down Address Bar/Location Bar (most recent websites you've visited area stored in the location bar, and quickly seen by others).
  5. Auto Complete Data Forms (your passwords to sites are remembered by this feature).
  6. index.dat file (this file cannot be deleted manually).

To Maintain your privacy and free disk space, you must Clean out your system of wasteful and intrusive information each time you finish surfing the web.


  • Automatic Wash Feature: set the times you want to wash your system daily, hourly, start up/shutdown etc.
  • Save cookies you want to keep
  • Works on both Netscape and Internet Explorer
  • Remove traces of documents opened, pictures viewed...
  • Find and remove forgotten pictures on your machine
  • Permanently erase files using the industrial shredder
  • Stop password theft know if users are snooping your keystrokes!
  • Generate Secure Passwords that cannot be guessed by anybody
  • Portable! So small you can take it with you to public machines


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