Evidence Washer Screen Shots

Just about everyone likes to see a picture of what they are about to download before they do so, and we respect that. Here, we provide you with screenshots of Evidence Washer.

The total file size of this page with all images is around 400 KB, so please be patient.

You can click on any image to show a bigger screenshot.



Main Window


Windows - General


Windows - Activity Logs



Windows - Other Areas



Start - Run / Find History


Start - Recent Activities


Internet Explorer - General Tab



Internet Explorer - AutoComplete Tab


Internet Explorer - Cache



Internet Explorer - Cookies



Internet Explorer - History


Internet Explorer - index.dat


IE - Downloaded Components


Internet Explorer - AOL


Netscape - Profiles


Netscape - General


Advanced - General


Advanced - Drive Ops



Advanced - Cleaning


Advanced - Security


Miscellaneous > Internet Explorer


Miscellaneous > Shredder


Miscellaneous > Autostart Programs


Miscellaneous > Passwords


As you can see, Evidence Washer has as many features as $150 evidence removal programs. We do not like overpriced programs and feel $39.95 price is fair for the amount of features. Hurry! This is a limited time offer.

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