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Why do I need something like Evidence Washer?


When you surf the internet you are leaving footsteps behind you letting other see exactly where you have been. Though you may not see them, they are there in the form of your history, cache, cookies and more. Someone with enough skill (which isn't much) can easily snoop through your daily surfing habits and find out what sites you have been to, what you have seen and what files you have downloaded.



Why can't I simply erase these tracks myself?


You're welcome to try this, but consider a few things first:


1. You will not be able to delete many of these histories Without Evidence Washer's help, even if you find them.


2. We provide an online privacy evaluator for free, but it only exposes some of the privacy leaks on your machine. Some history items are not available for display (Windows gives us no way to grab it!), and can only be erased...


3. These histories are scattered across your machine. Can you be sure you found them all?


4. Have you ever forgotten your keys, left a door unlocked, or forgotten an appointment? Can you be sure you will remember to clean your tracks EVERY TIME? It only takes one mistake to ruin some area of your life...


Is it really worth spending the money?


It's easy to live in denial and assume that leaving your private activities in the open will never have consequences, but it only takes one mistake to bring humiliation and costs that far exceed the small cost of protecting your privacy with the Evidence Washer.






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