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The Straight Shooter
"Best, most complete Cleaner and Washer I found Yet!"
I've tried them all, including Window Washer and System Mechanic. I actually own both of these. Evidence Washer, in combination with System Cleaner, IS THE BEST! It cleans everything! Is it worth it? YES! Why? Because it saves me 5-6 minutes of manual labor, cleaning files I can't even easily. Plus, it really cleans the Index.dat, and overwrites the deleted file space. It may need a bit of customization, but it really is the best! Also, they actually answer their emails for support! Beautiful! (Window Washer wasn't as complete as this, and System Mechanic messed up my right click menu...



Pedro Dias

"Excelent program"
Having tried many Washers, Erasers, Cleaners I find this one the best in terms of features and interface. It includes many features not found on other higher priced programs. It never crashed on me and the author is regularly adding new features. I recomend it strongly.



It is great to see how Evidence Washer deletes all incriminating evidence automatically every five minutes while I'm surfing the Net. It's the best personal protection I have ever purchased for my computer. You have made such a good product that I'm happy to recommend it to my fellow web surfers.



I just downloaded and installed your software. I have to say that I'm impressed. I didn't know that I had so much junk on my pc. Everything loads faster now and I don't have to worry about someone seeing what sites I have visited. Keep up the good work.



I downloaded and installed your product yesterday. I love it! My machine is noticeably faster and now has an additional 100+ MB of hard disk space available. This beats anything I've seen to date. Please keep up the good work!!

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